San Francisco Local ~ Photographer and Fine Artist

I live and work in San Francisco where I was born and raised. I love art, it has always been my passion and now I am happy to say it is my profession.

Currently a member at City Art Valencia, where some of my work can be viewed. Stay tuned for new art show openings.

I am a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, with a focus in commercial photography. My passion is fine art, but when I am not working on my own creative projects I am a retoucher and product photographer.

I live in such a wonderful city full of vibrant and unique people. I draw inspiration from everything around me, from the buildings; to the trees, to the little details we walk past everyday without noticing them. There is an endless list of things that we walk past all the time, unnoticed and unseen, until we bring light to them through art. Our city is full of artists and creative people such as myself, and I am proud to be among my fellow artists helping maintain the pulse and heart beat of this city. Without people a city is just a grouping of man made structures with no soul, people are what breathe life into the places we live.

While creating I love listening to music, I feel that the layers and sound help me find my flow and inspire me to create some of the work you see on my page.

~Joe Enright ~

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